Monday, January 11, 2016

Con te Partiro

After two and half years, fill with your chants for me and my love for you, the time has come to say goodbye. I have spent some of the best moments in my life when I was with you ,Moments that I will never forget. times when I laughed, happy, disappointed, sad, angry, even when I shed tears with you.

Your Sincerity and concern not only taught me how to be a private matter, but gave an enormous contribution in shaping my personality becomes stronger and more sensitive to the taste and sense of compassion as a man being. How I love you I don’t even can not explain with my best speech!

Thank you for everything, for the time that you given to me, and I am really sorry for my mistakes. The memories are all in my mind. Thank you for you’re always been there for me! I have to respect the choices you make in life, as well; and you must respect the choices that I take for my future either. And as you well know, saying goodbye to the close ones is always the hardest thing.

There's nothing wrong with the choice of each of us, this is not about ego anymore, once again, this is a story about the best choice for the award bestowed for life on us.
Yes, it is time to say goodbye and face new challenges. I am moving forward to new perspective for another great opportunity in my life. But the time spent with you as well as the happiness and love that felt there will always stay with me

Once again thank you for everything.
  I wish the best and many more blessing and happiness in the future

Good bye and Good luck

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